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We introducing for the first time in the history of South East Asia the authentic of handmade Mexican Paletas. Paletas Wey is a pioneer of healthy ice cream in Indonesia. Paletas Wey established since May 2015 in Bali. Our first store is located on Jalan Mertanadi, Bali.

No. Paletas Wey is a local company that stands in Bali. We just implemented the popsicle concept from Mexico and the recipes we use is 100% invented by Paletas Wey team. However, most of us use a typical Indonesian fruit and everything from natural materials.

In Mexican “Paleta” means stick ice cream, in other areas Paleta means popsicle (British) or lollypop (United States). “Wey” slang for designation friends, as in English: Dude, Bro, Fellas, etc.


We have three categories; Fruity, Premium and Gold. All have been homemade created in our factory in Bali. The raw materials we use are predominantly fresh and healthy fruits and other high-quality materials.

All our products are made 100% from real fruits, without chemicals, preservatives, coloring or flavorings. Our products contains only 6-12% of sugar, in which the average ice cream/gelato containing at least 15-35% sugar. All our Paletas are homemade created to maintain the authenticity of flavors and subtle texture. Most our products are using local fruits, such as Durian (Medan), Mango (Java), Strawberry, Lime, Pineapple, Soursop and others.

This category DOES NOT CONTAIN dairy products (dairy products = milk, cream, or yoghurt and cheese) but 100% of the original fruit and Gluten Free. Safe to eat for people who are allergic of dairy products, Vegan and dietary(people who diet).

Lime Strawberry, Watermelon Lime and Soursop Tamarillo.

The Paletas in the Premium category are made from special qualified materials (from local or overseas) and using the filling technique of typical Paletas Wey. All products in this category (EXCEPT Mango Strawberry and Strawberry Kiwi) containing dairy product to produce a smooth texture.

Coconut, Chocolate, Caramel, Mango Strawberry, Strawberry Condensed Milk, Strawberry Kiwi, and Wild Berries.

Each Paletas in this category are made with the extremely elaborate process and technique of stuffing (filling) Paletas Wey style all made with the best materials, such as Nutella. Mostly are using selected imported materials.

Banana Nutella, Chocolate Avocado, Durian, dan Vanilla Oreo.

We use the best Kiwi from New Zealand (Kiwi - Fruity Category) and frozen Berries from USA (Premium Category).

All Paletas in category Fruity. Product category Premium(except Strawberry Kiwi & Mango Strawberry) and Gold BE AVOIDED because all Paletas in this category contained milk, cream, and yogurt.

Depends of the category, but most of them are:
Watermelon Lime, Strawberry Kiwi, Avocado, Coconut, Chocolate, Strawberry Condensed Milk, Mango Strawberry, Wild Berries, Banana Nutella, Durian, Vanilla Oreo, and Choco Avocado.

Watermelon with Lime, which made of 100% watermelon and without additional water. The best option that can be purchased by customer who are on diet.

Because each fruit we use has a variety of flavors, each fruit purchased doesn’t have the same taste as the fruit we bought before. The fruit flavor consumed by customers is 100% obtained from real fruit and without added flavor.

Soursop, Mango, Durian (if they like stinky fruit).

No, all of our products do not use eggs.

Vegetarians can still consume milk and cream (but not eggs), while vegans only eat fruits and vegetables.

Yes, all the Paletas flavours are safe for vegetarians.

We have some special options for VEGAN; all categories fruity; Mango Strawberry and Strawberry Kiwi (Premium).

Yes more of them, exclude only the Vanilla Oreo.


Jimbaran, Bali

Contact our sales team in Bali, tel (0361) 9072921 or 9073621 or send an email to Our team will contact you directly.


PRIVATE : Anniversary, Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Birthday, Engagement, Wedding,etc.
CORPORATE : MICE, Gathering, Product Launch, etc.
PUBLIC : Graduation, Charity, etc.

Yes, we can. Please contact our on team or call/WhatsApp on +623619073621 or 081385193668.

We have three kind of package based on equipment that you select: Standard (Yellow Trolley), Premium (Freezer) and Gold (Cart).

Electricity source must be provided by the event organizer and should not be farther than 15 meters from the equipment location. The minimum electricity required is 800 watt.

50 pax

Each of our package includes:
- Paletas with any flavors
- 4 hours service
- 1 staff
- Food testing (after complete down payment)
- Equipment
- Transport
- Miscellaneous
- Dry ice

Down payment should be done 50% on 30 days prior event date. Longer than that, down payment should be done 25% to book the date. Payment must be settled by cash/bank payment at least 2 (two) weeks prior the event date. The confirmation of the event will be done after receiving the payment. All payment must be done by Bank Transfer.

Any adjustment or cancellation must be informed at least 7 days prior event date, otherwise a 30% fee will apply on the total amount adjusted or canceled.